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    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      git: Automatically reapply stashed changes if possible. · c4ad3dbb
      Michael Pyne authored
      In the event that the stash does not apply a "post-build" message is
      issued to warn the user. Otherwise there is an in-situ message.
      This addresses user feedback I have received on Invent and IRC. In
      particular re-fixes #42 and bug 420933, and fixes #49.
      All that I do here is to use the existing logic and add "git stash pop"
      after the update phase has completed. I've previously tried --autostash
      (see !32 and !45) and that had issues of its own. Using this approach
      allows us to use rely on git directly without risk of missing a merge
      conflict that git sometimes seems to generate with `git pull
      --autostash` (see
      sdk/kdesrc-build!32 (comment 46926)).
      The merge request !61 may still be applicable. I haven't looked long
      enough to tell if there's more on it than the --autostash feature which
      still causes us problems...  it's possible that there's a more reliable
      method than what we're doing though we've already taken pains to
      simplify this routine because of the recurring stash failures that we've
      seen previously.
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      Fix error with phonon · 9a0a6f7a
      David Faure authored
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      setup: Break out common 'options' blocks for kdesrc-build-setup to always use. · ed1545b7
      Michael Pyne authored
      This change should address the immediate breakage that a user had when
      using kdesrc-build-setup, choosing no major module groups, and then
      using kdesrc-build to eventually build bluez-qt.
      In that case, bluez-qt had an 'options' block in
      kf5-frameworks-build-include to address the error he'd experienced,
      however since kdesrc-build-setup didn't generate a include to that file,
      the options weren't picked up either. kdesrc-build later found the
      module via include-dependencies and built it anyways.
      To fix this, break out "always-set" options into a dedicated file
      (kf5-common-options-build-include) and include that from
      kdesrc-build-setup-generated files always.
      I moved these from kf5-frameworks-build-include so I added an include
      from that file back to kf5-common-options-build-include for backwards
      compatibility for existing users. This relies on duplicate options
      blocks continuing to work (similar to C++'s One Definition Rule) s...
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      setup: Make include-dependencies optional, show module groups not chosen. · 2317c3a3
      Michael Pyne authored
      My hope is to make it easier for new users to understand how to add
      module groups if they are desired later, since there has previously been
      no generated note or warning in the generated kdesrc-buildrc if the user
      chose no major groups.
      In this case we had a user who, even though they didn't select any
      module groups, still had kdesrc-build trying to build bluez-qt due to
      include-dependencies being set to 'true' (the default). However bluez-qt
      needs a CMake option to be passed to build with kdesrc-build; this
      option isn't set unless the kf5-frameworks-build-include file is read
      That fix will happen in a separate commit, this should hopefully make it
      easier to read through the generated kdesrc-buildrc in any case.
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      qt5: Bump default version of Qt5 to 5.15. · 12da51a0
      Michael Pyne authored
      This seems needed for some KF5 modules (especially using QtWayland) and
      is where I expect most Qt5 bugfixes to land while everyone is working on
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    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      xsession: Fix selection of wrong libname when a compat symlink is present. · 379a5249
      Michael Pyne authored
      The sample xsession/environment setup shell script has to figure how
      where CMake is going to install the libraries that kdesrc-build builds,
      so that it may setup the proper override paths in the environment.
      These library names are a cornucopia of names across various Linux
      distros. Some systems have /usr/lib, others use /usr/lib64, some use
      both, some use /usr/lib and /usr/lib32, and still others use a combo of
      all three, with /usr/lib having the "right" libraries and one of the
      other specific paths being a symlink back to /usr/lib if appropriate.
      In this latter situation our script guesses the wrong library name, with
      predicable failures from there. This breaks Arch Linux if users don't
      know to fix the session driver that kdesrc-build installs.
      The fix here is simple, we only treat /usr/lib64 as the authoritative
      library path if it isn't a symlink elsewhere. Otherwise we use /usr/lib
      as normal and assume that CMake itself will...
  15. 16 Aug, 2020 3 commits
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      cmdline: Remove ancient dead code associated with cmdline reading. · de6fe8d6
      Michael Pyne authored
      This was all replaced with Getopt::Long years ago but I missed this
      during that refactoring.
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      sample-config: Remove libdbusmenu-qt from default build. · 1681f3d3
      Michael Pyne authored
      For now it's only commented out but the module hasn't changed in many
      years so there's really no need for kdesrc-build to have to build it. It
      should be installed from -devel packages instead as we do with other
      distro dependencies.
      I've commented it out for now as an indicator this was deliberate, but
      I've taken the liberty of updating the distros in ksb::FirstRun as
      appears to be appropriate. After a few weeks we can remove the commented
      section as dead code.
      See issue #53.
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      bzr: Perform initial checkout from the base source directory. · cc0beb93
      Michael Pyne authored
      eg. if we're cloning libdbusmenu-qt into ~/kde/src/libdbusmenu-qt, the
      bzr command should be run from ~/kde/src, not
      ~/kde/src/RANDOM_OTHER_MODULE as apparently is already happening.
      I believe this fixes #53, if it doesn't please reopen. My distro doesn't
      package bzr anymore so I will remove our usage in a separate commit but
      will maintain Updater/Bzr.pm for at least a few more months with prior
      warning of deprecation. But I will need help testing :)
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    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      rc-file: Add "num-cores-low-mem" and move num-cores* defs to initial-setup. · 654e1392
      Michael Pyne authored
      It is annoying to be maintaining kdesrc-build-setup and --initial-setup
      but combining those two can be a subsequent refactoring.
      This adds a separate num-cores-low-mem to address the qtwebengine case
      and makes both num-cores and num-cores-low-mem into an option generated
      during initial setup, and only used by the default config (rather than
      any part of the kdesrc-build internals directly).
      There is a fallback reference in the code in case there is a usage of
      the default configuration file sections (e.g. qt5-build-include) but
      this is set conservatively (4 cores, 2 cores during low-mem).
      At this point it's almost "just" a configuration convention with a bit
      of code in the setup wizard so perhaps it's best not to touch the rest
      of the code/docs at all, but I'm happy with where this is at.
      I've tested --initial-setup in a Docker container (Fedora 29 with perl
      manually installed first) and tested kdesrc-build-setup separately.
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    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      rc-file: Add "num-cpus" option by default and use it in default setup. · 57e6c0c3
      Michael Pyne authored
      This change introduces a "num-cpus" option that is inherently present in
      the build context.
      This permits config file reading code to refer to this option (due to an
      existing kdesrc-build feature). So I also update the various available
      methods of generating a default configuration to use this option instead
      of hardcoding a -j value for make-options (or leaving it blank).
      This should provide maximum performance for most users (who aren't using
      or can't use the existing Ninja support, anyways), as long as they are
      able to start from a generated configuration.
      Users with existing configuration files would need to regenerate it or
      edit it to add "make-options -j ${num-cpus}" (including separately to
      their Qt5 options if applicable, as global options are ignored for
      non-KDE modules).
      See issue #39.
    • Michael Pyne's avatar
      qt5: Remove from default build (kdesrc-build-setup and --initial-setup). · 646039b7
      Michael Pyne authored
      With the advent of Qt6 development, the pace of Qt5 has slowed enough
      that we can now rely on distribution packages being available and up to
      date for Plasma development.
      Since Qt5 remains a significant pain point for kdesrc-build users, we
      shouldn't inflict this requirement by default for new users.
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