Commit e4ca09e6 authored by Aditya Mehra's avatar Aditya Mehra
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add bitchute skill to blacklist

parent b1a80710
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ Window {
open: false
Keys.onEscapePressed: window.visible = false;
KeyNavigation.up: closeButton
activeSkills.blackList: ["youtube-skill.aiix", "skill-wikidata.aiix", "soundcloud-audio-player.aiix", "food-wizard.aiix", "unsplash-wallpaper-plasma-skill.aiix"]
activeSkills.blackList: ["youtube-skill.aiix", "skill-wikidata.aiix", "soundcloud-audio-player.aiix", "food-wizard.aiix", "unsplash-wallpaper-plasma-skill.aiix", "bitchute-skill.aiix"]
activeSkills.onBlacklistedSkillActivated: {
plasmoid.nativeInterface.executeCommand("mycroft-gui-app --hideTextInput --skill=" + skillId);
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