Commit 7b61dd73 authored by Ilya Bizyaev's avatar Ilya Bizyaev 📱 Committed by Ben Cooksley

Streamline Maui repo names and descriptions

parent fa048d64
description: ''
description: Task and Note Keeper
hasrepo: true
identifier: buho
name: Buho Task and Note Keeper
name: Buho
projectpath: playground/base/buho
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/buho
description: ''
description: Multi-platform file manager
hasrepo: true
identifier: index-fm
name: Index File Manager
name: Index
projectpath: playground/base/index-fm
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/index-fm
description: Cinema is a video player and videos collection manager
description: Video player and video collection manager
hasrepo: true
identifier: maui-cinema
name: Maui Cinema
description: ''
description: Contacts and dialer application
hasrepo: true
identifier: maui-dialer
name: Maui Contacts and Dialer
name: Maui Dialer
projectpath: playground/base/maui-dialer
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/maui-dialer
description: ''
description: DAV protocol support for Maui applications
hasrepo: true
identifier: maui-libdavclient
name: Maui DAV Protocol Support
name: Maui libdavclient
projectpath: playground/base/maui-libdavclient
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/maui-libdavclient
description: ''
description: Document and EBook collection manager
hasrepo: true
identifier: maui-library
name: Library Document and EBook Collection Manager
name: Maui Library
projectpath: playground/base/maui-library
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/maui-library
description: ''
description: Image gallery application
hasrepo: true
identifier: maui-pix
name: Pix Image Gallery
name: Maui Pix
projectpath: playground/base/maui-pix
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/maui-pix
description: ''
description: Convergent terminal emulator
hasrepo: true
identifier: maui-station
name: Station Covergent Terminal Editor
name: Maui Station
projectpath: playground/base/maui-station
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/maui-station
description: Templated convergent controls and multiplatform utilities for Maui based
description: Templated convergent controls and multi-platform utilities for Maui applications
hasrepo: true
identifier: mauikit
name: MauiKit
description: ''
description: Multi-platform text editor
hasrepo: true
identifier: nota
name: Nota Text Editor
name: Nota
projectpath: playground/base/nota
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/nota
description: Vvave Media Player
description: Multi-platform media player
hasrepo: true
identifier: vvave
name: Vvave Media Player
name: Vvave
projectpath: playground/multimedia/vvave
repoactive: true
repopath: maui/vvave
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