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    Lots of changes... Let's summarize: · 8c7b38de
    Adam Treat authored
    * Implement the new config framework.
        This means that project files are now INI style
        and split between a global FOO.kdev4 file that is
        safe to share, and a local .kdev4/FOO.kdev4 file
        that stores non-shareable settings like paths and
        environment variables.
    * Change CMake settings to use new config framework
    * Replace src/projectmanager.* classes with a 
      projectcontroller.* class.  Add a languagecontroller.*
      class that will allow more than one language part to be
      loaded at one time.
    * Add a kdevelop.kdev4 global INI project file that should
      be safe to share and commit to svn.  Remove the old
      kdevelop4.kdevelop file.
    * For now, project loading only takes place via the command
      line OR if you have Last Project=/path/to/kdevelop.kdev4 file
      in your local kdeveloprc.  I'm going to work on the action
      classes necessary to open projects soon ;)
    * Introduce a kdevenv.* class in lib/interfaces where all 
      plugins that need access to the environment variables will get
      them.  This means we'll no longer have separate plugins running
      with different variables and the user can expect to set/get env
      variables in one central KCM.  You can get the environment from
      KDevApi... although it is not complete yet.
    * I'll be creating a tool to convert between kdevelop3 project files
      to kdev4 project files sooner or later.
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