appimage: use tld-prefixed name for rootdir desktop file name

As pointed to by TheAssassin, has it:
"The name of the file doesn’t matter [...]"

Using the original name allows to also use the original appdata file
with the same base name, and have the appdata found by appimage tools,
which rely on it being the same.
parent 7ab1c6ef
......@@ -435,8 +435,8 @@ EOF
chmod +x AppRun
# use normal desktop file, but remove actions, not yet handled by appimaged & Co
cp $SRC/kdevelop/app/org.kde.kdevelop.desktop kdevelop.desktop
sed -i -e '/^Actions=/d;/^\[Desktop Action /Q' kdevelop.desktop
cp $SRC/kdevelop/app/org.kde.kdevelop.desktop org.kde.kdevelop.desktop
sed -i -e '/^Actions=/d;/^\[Desktop Action /Q' org.kde.kdevelop.desktop
cp $SRC/kdevelop/app/icons/48-apps-kdevelop.png kdevelop.png
cp -R /usr/lib/python3.6 /kdevelop.appdir/usr/lib/
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