Commit 20d1453d authored by Maciej Mrozowski's avatar Maciej Mrozowski

Fix typo in move cursor left action in QtCreator shortcuts theme

parent a7c053a3
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
<Action shortcut="Down" name="move_line_down"/>
<Action shortcut="Up" name="move_line_up"/>
<Action shortcut="Right" name="move_cursor_right"/>
<Action shortcut="Left" name="move_cusor_left"/>
<Action shortcut="Left" name="move_cursor_left"/>
<Action shortcut="Shift+Down" name="select_line_down"/>
<Action shortcut="PgUp" name="scroll_page_up"/>
<Action shortcut="Shift+PgUp" name="select_page_up"/>
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