Commit 240040c0 authored by Kevin Funk's avatar Kevin Funk
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appimage: Remove Breeze wallpaper from artefact

22M uncompressed in size...
parent 8dac4da3
......@@ -459,8 +459,12 @@ cp -R /usr/lib/python3.6 /kdevelop.appdir/usr/lib/
rm -Rf /kdevelop.appdir/usr/lib/python3.6/{test,config-3.5m,__pycache__,site-packages,lib-dynload,distutils,idlelib,unittest,tkinter,ensurepip}
mkdir -p /kdevelop.appdir/usr/share/kdevelop/
# Breeze cruft
cp $BUILD/breeze-icons/icons/breeze-icons.rcc /kdevelop.appdir/usr/share/kdevelop/icontheme.rcc
rm -Rf /kdevelop.appdir/usr/share/icons/breeze* # not needed because of the rcc
rm -Rf /kdevelop.appdir/usr/share/wallpapers
rm -f /kdevelop.appdir/usr/bin/llvm*
rm -f /kdevelop.appdir/usr/bin/clang*
rm -f /kdevelop.appdir/usr/bin/opt
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