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Commit 2d7a0f64 authored by David Nolden's avatar David Nolden

Assign unique tokens to unnamed classes/structs, and ignore the unique tokens while updating.

Together with the small changes to kdevplatform, this makes anonymous structs like "struct {...} myData" or "typedef struct {...} MyType" work again, for example those created by K_GLOBAL_STATIC.

Add tests to make sure this cannot break again.
parent 7efda498
......@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@ T* DeclarationBuilder::openDeclarationReal(NameAST* name, AST* rangeNode, const
//This works because dec->textRange() is taken from a smart-range. This means that now both ranges are translated to the current document-revision.
if (dec->range() == translated &&
localId == dec->identifier() &&
(localId == dec->identifier() || (localId.isUnique() && dec->identifier().isUnique())) &&
typeid(*dec) == typeid(T)
......@@ -517,7 +517,16 @@ T* DeclarationBuilder::openDeclarationReal(NameAST* name, AST* rangeNode, const
Cpp::ClassDeclaration* DeclarationBuilder::openClassDefinition(NameAST* name, AST* range, bool collapseRange) {
Cpp::ClassDeclaration* ret = openDeclaration<Cpp::ClassDeclaration>(name, range, Identifier(), collapseRange);
Identifier id;
if(!name) {
//Unnamed class/struct, use a unique id
///@todo store/load the current unique id from/to disk, and think about it a bit
static uint uniqueClassNumber = 1;
id = Identifier::unique( ++uniqueClassNumber );
Cpp::ClassDeclaration* ret = openDeclaration<Cpp::ClassDeclaration>(name, range, id, collapseRange);
DUChainWriteLocker lock(DUChain::lock());
......@@ -597,6 +606,7 @@ void DeclarationBuilder::closeDeclaration(bool forceInstance)
//If the type is a delayed type, it is a searched type, and not a declared one, so don't set the declaration then.
if( !forceInstance && idType && !idType->declarationId().isValid() && !delayed ) {
idType->setDeclaration( currentDeclaration() );
//Q_ASSERT(idType->declaration() == currentDeclaration());
if(currentDeclaration()->kind() != Declaration::NamespaceAlias && currentDeclaration()->kind() != Declaration::Alias) {
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