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Commit 47f940c3 authored by David Nolden's avatar David Nolden

Remove now unneeded function

parent 3de25aa5
......@@ -538,12 +538,6 @@ void CppHighlighting::highlightDeclaration(Declaration * declaration, uint color
range->setAttribute(attributeForType(typeForDeclaration(declaration, 0), DeclarationContext, color));
void CppHighlighting::highlightDeclaration(Declaration * declaration) const
if (SmartRange* range = declaration->smartRange())
range->setAttribute(attributeForType(typeForDeclaration(declaration, 0), DeclarationContext, 0));
void CppHighlighting::highlightUse(DUContext* context, int index, uint color) const
if (SmartRange* range = context->useSmartRange(index)) {
......@@ -100,7 +100,6 @@ class CppHighlighting : public QObject, public KDevelop::ICodeHighlighting
virtual void highlightDeclaration(KDevelop::Declaration* declaration, uint color) const;
virtual void highlightUse(KDevelop::DUContext* context, int index, uint color) const;
virtual void highlightDeclaration(KDevelop::Declaration* declaration) const;
virtual void highlightUses(KDevelop::DUContext* context) const;
//color should be zero when undecided
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