Commit 6b645175 authored by Kevin Funk's avatar Kevin Funk

Increase timeout for duchain gcc compatibility test

This test depends on your system configuration and the presence of many headers.
Running the test in debug mode with address sanitizer can make it slow, so 5 seconds might not be enough.
In fact, it takes around ~10seconds here. Plus the test also fails on the CI because of the short timeout.

Increasing it to 60secs solves the problem for me.

Reviewers: #kdevelop, apol

Reviewed By: #kdevelop, apol

Subscribers: kdevelop-devel

Tags: #kdevelop

Differential Revision:
parent fee3dd68
......@@ -1950,7 +1950,7 @@ void TestDUChain::testGccCompatibility()
)"), QStringLiteral("cpp"), project, dir.path());
DUChainReadLocker lock;
QSet<TopDUContext*> checked;
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