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      Accidental commit. · 86fdb755
      David Nolden authored
      Why did kdevelop change this?
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      - Use pathOrUrl instead of prettyUrl as needed now for the du-chain. · ea38fa1b
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      - Roll up the preprocessor, lexer and parser to use IndexedString indices for identifiers. For other characters or comments, the IndexedString's hold the single characters they are composed of. Now identifiers or keywords are tokenized exactly once, and hashed exactly once, instead of doing it repeatedly on many levels.
      - Rewrite the set-repositories used in the environment-manager: Now they are based on an ItemRepository that stores the actual nodes, and it's impossible to create exactly the same node twice now, because ALL nodes are stored and looked up in the repository. Also there's a fixed split-hierarchy now, that makes sure that nodes are as similar as possible.
        This greatly reduces the peak memory usage, and allows easily storing/loading all the information from/to disk.
      - Add tests for stuff that was broken along the way.
      The performance probably isn't much better yet, but this opens the door for further optimization.
      Don't try full-project parsing yet, the repositories still have a fixed size.
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      Merge the kdev-model-and-api-experiments branch into trunk. · beadadc1
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      Nothing inherits from KDevProject anymore. This means that if your
      project manager was inheriting from KDevProject like KDevProjectManager was,
      then it'll need to be changed. Several methods in KDevProject have also been 
      renamed. Here is the list of conversions:
      openProject -> open
      closeProject -> close
      projectDirectory -> folder
      absoluteUrl -> urlRelativeToProject
      projectName -> name
      KDevProject::relativeUrl has been deprecated. a name property has been
      added to KDevProject with the accompanying accessors setName and name. This is
      so that the name of the project no longer depends on the name of the
      project file.
      KDevPluginController has been given a massive overhaul. It is no longer 
      managed by KDevCore. So code that used KDevCore::pluginController should
      use KDevPluginController::self(). This is due, in part, to the strict nature
      of the way KDevCore objects are cleaned up. 
      !!! IMPORTANT !!! Plugins must have an X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name key in
      their desktop file or they will not be found or loaded by the new plugin 
      controller! It is preferable to fill in the whole X-KDE-PluginInfo
      structure, but X-KDE-PluginInfo-Name is the only key required. 
      The project model is now based on QStandardItemModel and QStandardItem.
      The project model is now populated by the KDevProject object itself when
      open() is called and can be accessed using the model() function.
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      * add some documentation to the new config framework · d7a5bede
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      * remove dumb setting in the global config file
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      Lots of changes... Let's summarize: · 8c7b38de
      Adam Treat authored
      * Implement the new config framework.
          This means that project files are now INI style
          and split between a global FOO.kdev4 file that is
          safe to share, and a local .kdev4/FOO.kdev4 file
          that stores non-shareable settings like paths and
          environment variables.
      * Change CMake settings to use new config framework
      * Replace src/projectmanager.* classes with a 
        projectcontroller.* class.  Add a languagecontroller.*
        class that will allow more than one language part to be
        loaded at one time.
      * Add a kdevelop.kdev4 global INI project file that should
        be safe to share and commit to svn.  Remove the old
        kdevelop4.kdevelop file.
      * For now, project loading only takes place via the command
        line OR if you have Last Project=/path/to/kdevelop.kdev4 file
        in your local kdeveloprc.  I'm going to work on the action
        classes necessary to open projects soon ;)
      * Introduce a kdevenv.* class in lib/interfaces where all 
        plugins that need access to the environment variables will get
        them.  This means we'll no longer have separate plugins running
        with different variables and the user can expect to set/get env
        variables in one central KCM.  You can get the environment from
        KDevApi... although it is not complete yet.
      * I'll be creating a tool to convert between kdevelop3 project files
        to kdev4 project files sooner or later.