Commit 39167957 authored by Denis Steckelmacher's avatar Denis Steckelmacher

Use AliasDeclarations instead of imported parent contexts for auto-imports

If a directory contains A.qml and B.qml, A.qml should be able to see B (the
top-level component of B), but has no use of all the imports of B. This also
avoids the duplication of declarations (A imports B which re-imports A, every
declaration now appears two times).
parent 3bdaff44
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
#include <language/duchain/types/arraytype.h>
#include <language/duchain/types/typeutils.h>
#include <language/duchain/declaration.h>
#include <language/duchain/aliasdeclaration.h>
#include <language/duchain/namespacealiasdeclaration.h>
#include <language/duchain/duchainlock.h>
#include <language/duchain/classdeclaration.h>
......@@ -82,8 +83,28 @@ void DeclarationBuilder::startVisiting(QmlJS::AST::Node* node)
while (dir.hasNext() && != file.absoluteFilePath()) {
ReferencedTopDUContext context = m_session->contextOfFile(dir.filePath());
if (context && context != currentContext()) {
currentContext()->addImportedParentContext(context, CursorInRevision(), true);
if (!context) {
// Add in this context one alias declaration for each local declaration
// of context. This way, this context can see the declarations of
// the other one, but not its imported parent contexts. This keeps
// things simple and fast for the user.
for (Declaration* decl : context->localDeclarations(currentContext()->topContext())) {
if (decl->kind() != Declaration::Instance &&
decl->kind() != Declaration::Type) {
// Only import the top-level classes and instances, not the
// import statements or namespace aliases
AliasDeclaration* alias = openDeclaration<AliasDeclaration>(
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