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Commit c96ae095 authored by Rolf Eike Beer's avatar Rolf Eike Beer Committed by Rolf Eike Beer

make finding a launch configuration a bit more generic

parent bb2d6105
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
#include "qttestdelegate.h"
#include <debug.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <interfaces/ilaunchconfiguration.h>
#include <interfaces/icore.h>
#include <interfaces/itestcontroller.h>
......@@ -72,14 +73,15 @@ static KJob* createTestJob(const QString& launchModeId, const QStringList& argum
ILaunchConfiguration* ilaunch = nullptr;
const QList<ILaunchConfiguration*> launchConfigurations = ICore::self()->runController()->launchConfigurations();
for (ILaunchConfiguration* l : launchConfigurations) {
if (l->type() == type && l->config().readEntry("ConfiguredByCTest", false)) {
ilaunch = l;
auto ilaunch = [type]() {
const auto launchConfigurations = ICore::self()->runController()->launchConfigurations();
auto it = std::find_if(launchConfigurations.begin(), launchConfigurations.end(),
[type](ILaunchConfiguration* l) {
return (l->type() == type && l->config().readEntry("ConfiguredByCTest", false));
return it == launchConfigurations.end() ? nullptr : *it;
if (!ilaunch) {
ilaunch = ICore::self()->runController()->createLaunchConfiguration( type,
qMakePair( mode->id(), launcher->id() ),
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