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  1. 15 Feb, 2019 1 commit
    • Milian Wolff's avatar
      cleanup: remove html prefix/suffix feature from navigation widget · 12e3583f
      Milian Wolff authored
      This was *only* being used by the project file quickopen feature,
      and you only saw it when clicking into the quickopen list, or when
      pressing alt. I doubt anyone ever did that. And it was madness
      anyways: we decreased the font size in a hacky non-html compliant
      way which actually made it quite hard to read for me. So the only
      thing we lose is the project name... which is an acceptable
      tradeoff. This feature messed up the whole API considerably, removing
      it makes me very happy.
      We can bring back the project name in the future by introducing a
      generic wrapper-widget that supports the
  2. 25 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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  7. 22 Nov, 2017 2 commits
    • Kevin Funk's avatar
      HIG: Better strings for some actions · 4011372f
      Kevin Funk authored
    • René J.V. Bertin's avatar
      kdevelop: prevent empty dockwidget context menuitems · f4363a08
      René J.V. Bertin authored
      This patch prevents dock widgets (toolviews) from having empty items in their context menus. Most the corresponding actions can probably not be represented in menus anyway and are thus unlikely to do anything when triggered through a menu. The average user doesn't know that though.
      The patch achieves this by filtering out QActions that would not have a title in `IdealDockWidget::contextMenuRequested()` but also adds a menu item text to two actions which I think make sense to include in the context menu. (Doing this makes it possible to hide the toolview's toolbar in more situations, gaining a bit of vertical space.)
      BUG: 386911
      FIXED-IN: 5.2.1
      Test Plan:
      Works as intended on Mac and Linux/X11 .
      I understand there may be another way to detect QActions that cannot be represented in menus but haven't yet found such an alternative. Such an alternative could be used in addition to the empty text check which I think should be done as argued in the summary.
      Individual plugins can also override `IToolViewFactor::contextMenuActions()`.
      Reviewers: kfunk
      Reviewed By: kfunk
      Subscribers: kdevelop-devel
      Tags: #kdevelop
      Differential Revision:
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