1. 17 Jun, 2014 3 commits
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  6. 12 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Denis Steckelmacher's avatar
      Factorize much of the visiting methods of UseBuilder · 3bdf0da4
      Denis Steckelmacher authored
      Nearly every visit() method created an ExpressionVisitor and used it to find
      the declaration corresponding to an expression. Now all this code is factorized,
      which ensures that UseBuilder recognizes the exact same expressions as
      ExpressionVisitor. New kinds of expressions need now only to be supported by
  7. 11 Jun, 2014 2 commits
    • Denis Steckelmacher's avatar
      Put injectContext() and closeInjectedContext() closely around openDeclaration() · 1946d9db
      Denis Steckelmacher authored
      openDeclaration() is the only call that needs the injected context, and this
      avoids bugs if openContext() is called in an injected context.
      For instance, QML component subclasses were broken because a context was injected
      and not closed before openContext() was called. The sub-context had therefore the
      wrong parent context.
    • Denis Steckelmacher's avatar
      Ensure that getDeclaration and the code-completion can find declarations... · f3f8ed83
      Denis Steckelmacher authored
      Ensure that getDeclaration and the code-completion can find declarations independently of their position in a QML file
      QML and Javascript are highly dynamic languages and most of their declarations
      can be used before the declaration itself. Now that the parser does two parsing
      passes, this commit ensures that the location of an use is completely ignored
      and that the parser always sees the complete list of declarations in a context.
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