Commit 9b24816a authored by Milian Wolff's avatar Milian Wolff

add CTestCustom.cmake and ignore kdevsvncpp warnings

parent ab67a27a
......@@ -112,3 +112,7 @@ install( EXPORT KDevPlatformTargets
# CTestCustom.cmake has to be in the CTEST_BINARY_DIR.
# in the KDE build system, this is the same as CMAKE_BINARY_DIR.
configure_file(${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/CTestCustom.cmake ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/CTestCustom.cmake)
# This file contains all the specific settings that will be used
# when running 'make Experimental'
# Change the maximum warnings that will be displayed
# on the report page (default 50)
# Warnings that will be ignored
# Errors that will be ignored
# "Segmentation fault"
# "GConf Error"
# "Client failed to connect to the D-BUS daemon"
# "Failed to connect to socket"
# No coverage for these files
set(CTEST_CUSTOM_COVERAGE_EXCLUDE ".moc$" "moc_" "ui_")
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