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      Redo the move, this time the history is preserved, this also means the changes · b77a7fdf
      Andreas Pakulat authored
      look slightly different than the first time( some deletes some moves).
      !!!!!! IMPORTANT NOTE !!!!!!!!!!!
      Everybody who wants to change something in kdevelop/lib or one of the plugins
      that are copied to the platform (snippet, teamwork, konsole, filemanager,
      Don't, checkout kdevplatform and do the change there. I'm starting to port
      kdevelop to use the platform tomorrow and expect to be done on wednesday
      evening. I will do this in a separate branch and the first thing that will
      happen are deletion of lib/ and the mentioned plugins. So any changes you do
      between now and the time I merge the branch back may get lost.
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      Remove everything, obviously svn cp tricked me out by being more intelligent then I expected it to. · 5c590efe
      Andreas Pakulat authored
      The files didn't have proper history from the cp, because svn did a filesystem cp + svn add due to the fact that I did an svn cp between two local working copies.
      I'm redoing this now using trunk/KDE as working copy. That way history will be preserved, sorry for the inconvenience.
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      Import the code from kdevelop/lib and kdevelop/plugins, along with the... · 70ccd15c
      Andreas Pakulat authored
      Import the code from kdevelop/lib and kdevelop/plugins, along with the Architecture api documentation and some other files
      Added a first version of a FindKDevPlatform.cmake module to make it possible to find the platform libraries and includes
      Renamed simpleoutputview to standardoutputview
      Plugins that are imported are: cvs, duchainviewer, filemanager, genericprojectmanager, konsole, projectmanagerview, snippet, standardoutputview, subversion and teamwork
      Moved vcs and outputview interfaces into their own module as both provide a library
      Announcement will follow on major devel lists
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