Commit 925c4757 authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov
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Fix updated when undo/redo transform of a layer with drop shadow

We used incorrect update rect for the undo commands in continued
mode. Undo and redo should usethe update rect that was present
**before** the previous (continued) state, not just what we had
before the current action.
parent 3721b5ee
......@@ -331,6 +331,25 @@ void InplaceTransformStrokeStrategy::initStrokeCallback()
extraInitJobs << lastCommandUndoJobs;
if (!lastCommandUndoJobs.isEmpty()) {
KritaUtils::addJobBarrier(extraInitJobs, [this]() {
* In case we are doing a continued action, we need to
* set initial update to the "very initial" state that
* was present before the previous stroke. So here we
* just override the rect calculated before
KisBatchNodeUpdate updates;
Q_FOREACH (KisNodeSP node, m_d->processedNodes) {
updates.addUpdate(node, node->projectionPlane()->tightUserVisibleBounds());
m_d->initialUpdatesBeforeClear = updates.compressed();
*m_d->updateDataForUndo = m_d->initialUpdatesBeforeClear;
KritaUtils::addJobSequential(extraInitJobs, [this]() {
// When dealing with animated transform mask layers, create keyframe and save the command for undo.
Q_FOREACH (KisNodeSP node, m_d->processedNodes) {
......@@ -819,7 +838,7 @@ void InplaceTransformStrokeStrategy::reapplyTransform(ToolTransformArgs args,
fetchAllUpdateRequests(levelOfDetail, updateData);
executeAndAddCommand(new KisDisableDirtyRequestsCommand(m_d->updatesFacade, KisUpdateCommandEx::FINALIZING), commandGroup, KisStrokeJobData::BARRIER);
executeAndAddCommand(new KisUpdateCommandEx(updateData, m_d->updatesFacade, KisUpdateCommandEx::FINALIZING, m_d->commandUpdatesBlockerCookie), commandGroup, KisStrokeJobData::BARRIER);
executeAndAddCommand(new KisUpdateCommandEx(m_d->updateDataForUndo, m_d->updatesFacade, KisUpdateCommandEx::FINALIZING, m_d->commandUpdatesBlockerCookie), commandGroup, KisStrokeJobData::BARRIER);
if (useHoldUI) {
executeAndAddCommand(new KisHoldUIUpdatesCommand(m_d->updatesFacade, KisCommandUtils::FlipFlopCommand::FINALIZING), commandGroup, KisStrokeJobData::BARRIER);
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