Commit cae14d45 authored by Dmitry Kazakov's avatar Dmitry Kazakov
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Fix weird brush behavior when lightness strength is too low

When lightness strength is too low, we shouldn't let it drop to zero,
because in such a case the heightmap will peek through the the layer
color layer in a weird way.
parent 1bc3de38
......@@ -123,7 +123,20 @@ KisColorSmudgeStrategyLightness::paintDab(const QRect &srcRect, const QRect &dst
m_heightmapPainter.setOpacity(qRound(lightnessStrengthValue * 255.0));
const quint8 thresholdHeightmapOpacity = qRound(0.2 * 255.0);
quint8 heightmapOpacity = qRound(lightnessStrengthValue * 255.0);
if (heightmapOpacity < thresholdHeightmapOpacity) {
heightmapOpacity =
std::max(smearRateOpacity(opacity, smudgeRateValue),
colorRateOpacity(opacity, smudgeRateValue,
colorRateValue, maxPossibleSmudgeRateValue)));
m_heightmapPainter.bltFixed(dstRect.topLeft(), m_origDab, m_origDab->bounds());
m_heightmapPainter.renderMirrorMaskSafe(dstRect, m_origDab, m_shouldPreserveOriginalDab);
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