1. 15 Jul, 2021 9 commits
  2. 14 Jul, 2021 9 commits
  3. 13 Jul, 2021 14 commits
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    • Alvin Wong's avatar
      Remove duplication of blending mode category names · f5040d8d
      Alvin Wong authored
      This changes KoCompositeOp.cpp to read the category names from
      KoCompositeOpRegistry, effectively consolidating all blending mode
      category name i18n calls in KoCompositeOpRegistry.cpp to avoid
      duplication of these translation messages.
    • Alvin Wong's avatar
      Remove duplication of blending mode names · 2bdec62c
      Alvin Wong authored
      This basically moves all blending mode names to be translated only in
      KoCompositeOpRegistry.cpp, using i18nc with context string. The
      exceptions are COMPOSITE_IN and COMPOSITE_OUT which are not registered
      in KoCompositeOpRegistry and had only been using i18n without context
    • Sharaf Zaman's avatar
      Bugfix: Black Stroke when "No Fill" is selected · a7c5f4ac
      Sharaf Zaman authored
      Reason for regression: it was assumed that the color of a "No Fill"
      Stroke is Qt::transparent. But since this assumption no longer holds, we
      need to check if the color is valid.
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Correct translation context string for resource names · 206a502e
      Agata Cacko authored and Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong committed
      Before this commit, the translation context string would have
      the same base no matter which resource or which storage it is.
      However some storages and some resources require special treatment.
      1) resources stored in memory storage don't have a file,
      so the translation context string will be
      memory/[resource_type]/[resource_filename] to fit other
      2) myb presets are stored in a different place than most resources
      (in the source code) so they have different paths, which means
      different context strings.
      3) resources from bundles need to be somewhat distinguishible as well,
      so they have
      [path_to_bundle]:[resource_path (usually resource type)]/[resource_filename]
      context string.
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Add kse to the list of translatable resource names · ecc50afe
      Agata Cacko authored and Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong committed
      Before this commit, Seexpr scripts didn't have translatable names.
      This commit ensures they have. Since they don't have a name inside
      the .kse file, we use parsed filename to extract a nice name.
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Add resources from bundles' names to translations · 0b161738
      Agata Cacko authored and Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong committed
      Before this commit, resources from the bundles
      didn't have translations. This commit ensures that the resources
      in the bundles can have their names translated.
      To make sure the resources of the same type have the same code
      for reading both from the folder and from the bundle,
      functions readGeneric() and readAllLinesGeneric() were written
      to allow just calling the function that will take care of
      the specific syntax of reading from the file.
      Note that readGeneric() takes a different hash for the zip
      handle than readGenericAllLines (explanation below).
      $ziph->read() didn't work correctly (always returning empty string)
      so I used a hack with reading the whole file using getline().
      Possibly I was using read() incorrectly; but this method works.
      If anyone in the future wants to improve this to use read()
      directly, without the hack, feel free to.
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Improve extracted comments for resource names · 40903113
      Agata Cacko authored and Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong committed
      Before this commit, the extracted comments weren't really
      helpful, the translator could not know what to do with a specific
      string. This commit introduces some explanations like
      what the path in the context string mean etc.
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Close the file after opening it in extracti18n.pl · 42424e2d
      Agata Cacko authored and Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong committed
      Before this commit, the file was only closed for particular
      filenames. This commit ensures that the file is closed
      in all cases.
    • Agata Cacko's avatar
      Add more resource types to be translated · 151aadd4
      Agata Cacko authored and Alvin Wong's avatar Alvin Wong committed
      Before this commit, only gradients, palettes and potentially
      brush tips could be translated.
      This commit adds some other files types like .kpp presets,
      .kwl window layouts, .kws workspaces, .kgm gamutmasks,
      .png patterns, .myb presets and .svg symbol libraries
      and brush tips.
    • Sharaf Zaman's avatar
      Android: Make Text tool's text editable · 8442c6ee
      Sharaf Zaman authored
      Qt::Tool can't receive keyboard events
    • Sharaf Zaman's avatar
      Android: Set a more legible default font size · a89fc7c5
      Sharaf Zaman authored
      This probably has to be fixed in Qt, but since Android has deprecated
      the way it fetches font. Things would be automatically reverted to Qt's
    • Alvin Wong's avatar
      Add i18n for background layer name · fddf14a6
      Alvin Wong authored
      CCBUG: 439358
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Do not resync decorations wrapper layer when snap-to-guide/grid changes · c61e01de
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Resyncing starts a stroke that interrupts the currently running
      user action (e.g. Transform Tool), which is not what the user expects.
  4. 12 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kazakov's avatar
      Fix updates when undoing transformation made in "inplace" mode · 6010423c
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      1) The undo-stage update should happen not in reapplyTransform(),
         but before the actual "clear" operation. Otherwise we'll either
         get no or duplicated updates.
      2) The patch also removed code duplication between the two
         transformation mode. Now the update compression algorithm
         is implemented in a separate KisBatchNodeUpdate class.
  5. 11 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  6. 10 Jul, 2021 3 commits
  7. 08 Jul, 2021 3 commits
    • Ivan Yossi's avatar
      macos: remove dependecies strings from pyqt-builder · c619edea
      Ivan Yossi authored
      On macOS arm setuptools fails to get correct package name on pyqt-builder
      Since we take care of dependencies ourselves we can remove them from
      the python egg and still get a correct compilation.
      This avoids using pip for compilation
    • Ivan Yossi's avatar
      macOS: Fix pyqt compilation on XCode 12 on Big Sur · 6aee6713
      Ivan Yossi authored
      This uses pip3 to install pyqt-builder ensuring we find
      the correct path to previous installed sip.
      Some other changes:
      - Added Python.Framework bin to PATH
      - Added update pip step o macos to use latest pip
      - Removed ALWAYS flag as having 0 causes rebuild even if
      python is already built.
    • Ivan Yossi's avatar
      macos: Do not erase unmatched binary files · 13f04ca2
      Ivan Yossi authored
      Unmatched binaries are needed for cases were compiled deps have
      unmatched names or libraries non existant in one arch. removing them
      will cause errors in cmake configuration.