1. 19 Jul, 2021 7 commits
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      Remove "Transform around rotation center" checkbox · 3a75eecf
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      Now the option is always enabled, but the user can disable by holding
      Alt modifier. The new behavior is the following:
      No Alt pressed:
      1) Scale -> scales relative to the *opposite corner*
      2) Rotate -> rotates around the anchor point
      3) Shear -> shear around the anchor point
      Alt is pressed:
      1) Scale -> scales relatinve to the *anchor point*
      2) Rotate -> rotates around the center
      3) Shear -> shear around the center
      Tool options controls:
      Always transform around the anchor point. If the user wants to
      transform around center, he should just move the anchor to the
      center (by clicking on the corresponding button).
      The only problem of this approach is that one cannot combine Alt modifier
      with Ctrl (perspective) and Shift (keep aspect ratio) modifiers. I don't
      know if it is a critical problem or nor.
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      Make Rotate and Shear care about user's "Use anchor point choice" · 311061a8
      Dmitry Kazakov authored
      The patch also make it handle the Alt modifier as well.
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      Add clang-format to CI · b880f66c
      Felipe Lema authored
      Add `clang-format` to Continuous Integration so merge request are
      ensured to comply with
      [KDE's code convention](https://community.kde.org/Policies/Frameworks_Coding_Style#Clang-format_automatic_code_formatting)
      ## Test Plan
      I believe everything's already been setup for invent.kde.org for gitlab CI
      (formal docs [here](https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/ci/quick_start/#cicd-process-overview)
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      Fix more slider step disparities between 4.4.3 and master · 8c15dc3e
      Tom Tom authored
      This merge request is an extension of commit 3dcd08f3, fixing most of the slider step disparities I could find.
      * Freehand Brush Tool Weighted - Adjusted Distance steps from 1 to 0.1 and Stroke Ending steps from 1 to 0.01
      * Liquify Tool - Adjusted Amount and Flow steps from 1 to 0.01
      * Gradient Tool - Adjusted Anti-alias threshold steps from 1 to 0.001
      * Performance tab - Adjusted Pool Limit and Undo Limit steps from 1 to 0.01
      * Edge Detection Filter - Adjusted Radius steps from 1 to 0.01
      * Height to Normal Map Filter - Adjusted Radius steps from 1 to 0.01
      * Phong Bumpmap Filter - Adjusted Reflectivity steps from 1 to 0.01
      * Text Brushtip - Adjusted Spacing steps from 1 to 0.01
      * Pattern options - Adjusted Scale, Brightness, Contrast, and Neutral Point steps from 1 to 0.01
      Along with some other minor slider fixes.
      What I did not change:
      * Freehand Brush Stabilizer Distance - In stable, steps are 0.1. In master, Distance is instead Sample Count, which has integer precision.
      * Predefined Brush Tip Size - In stable, steps are 0.01, but steps of 1 in master aligns with autobrush size steps and the toolbar size slider.
      * Liquify Size - See above.
      * Unsharp Mask Amount - In stable this is just a spinbox with steps of 0.10, but the steps of 0.20 in master seems explicitly set by Sachin Jindal's filter slider patch.
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      win: Work around touch docker buttons triggering twice · 52072639
      Alvin Wong authored
      Hack around the issue by blocking certain mouse events in the touch
      See also: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-95058
      BUG: 437196
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    • Amyspark's avatar
      TIFF: fix display of options for Pixar log compression · 49788da1
      Amyspark authored
      The index for the codecsOptionsStack wasn't updated to account for the
      removal of the fax options in 5db89dc5.
      CCBUG: 398548
  2. 18 Jul, 2021 2 commits
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      WebP: add libwebp based file format plugin · 0d811d34
      Amyspark authored
      This commit incorporates a new file format plugin based on the official
      libwebp codec. It also brings new import/export dialogs that enable
      access to all the available configuration parameters in libwebp as of
      1.20. (I have ifdef'd the most recent bits so it should compile with the
      latest LTS release.)
      BUG: 414444
      CCMAIL: kimageshop@kde.org
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      KSeExpr: update to 4.0.3 · c24193fc
      Amyspark authored
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