Commit 0866b8d9 authored by Razvan Radulescu's avatar Razvan Radulescu Committed by Wolthera van Hövell

Explain PressureIn sensor input

Added explanation for PressureIn and slightly changed the Pressure to make it more distinct and correct cause the tablet doesn't have the pressure sensor, it's actually the stylus that does that...

Differential Revision:
parent 330a34e5
......@@ -16,7 +16,9 @@ Sensors
Uses the pressure input of your tablet.
Uses the pressure in and out values of your stylus.
Uses only pressure in values of your stylus. Previous pressure level in same stroke is overwritten *only* by applying more pressure. Lessening the pressure doesn't affect PressureIn.
How much the brush is affected by stylus angle, if supported.
......@@ -45,5 +47,3 @@ Perspective
How much the brush is affected by the perspective assistant.
Tangential Pressure
How much the brush is affected by the wheel on airbrush-simulating stylii.
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