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Add last few snippets. Now a lot of documenting needs to be done...

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......@@ -287,6 +287,13 @@ The configuration file looks as follows:
The name of the pixeldata file for a guiding stroke.
A 8bit sRGB representation of the stroke color, encoded in base64.
Whether the stroke area is filled with a fully transparent color upon calculation.
Vector Layers
......@@ -316,6 +323,9 @@ code::
In the above xml, there is a group layer named 'shading', which has three paintlayers and a filter layer on top.
Whether or not passthrough compositing is enabled.
Clone Layers
......@@ -335,13 +345,58 @@ clonefromuuid
File Layers
File layers refer to an image on disk, can dynamically update, and thus only exist in maindoc.xml.
<layer uuid="{649eef83-f6d0-4a04-abdc-d4f50ff927f9}" colorlabel="0" locked="0" x="0" collapsed="0" name="Layer 2" colorspacename="RGBA" channelflags="" source="bluemorning_3_big.png" y="0" scale="false" scalingmethod="1" opacity="255" compositeop="normal" intimeline="1" visible="1" nodetype="filelayer" filename="layer3">
Source is the location of the referenced image via a relative path. If Krita cannot find the source, it will ask the user to reselect the image for it.
how the file layer is scaled.
Transform Masks
<mask locked="0" visible="1" x="0" nodetype="transformmask" uuid="{991f279d-fbf6-4e58-8c14-628573984eda}" filename="mask4" y="0" name="Transform Mask 1"/>
Guides, grids, assistants and other side info.
which then refers to mask4.transformconfig:
<!DOCTYPE transform_params>
<main id="tooltransformparams"/>
<data mode="0">
<transformedCenter type="pointf" x="1237.26259759923" y="2075.58428207406"/>
<originalCenter type="pointf" x="1240" y="697.5"/>
<rotationCenterOffset type="pointf" x="0" y="0"/>
<transformAroundRotationCenter type="value" value="1"/>
<aX type="value" value="0"/>
<aY type="value" value="0"/>
<aZ type="value" value="5.8985950918511"/>
<cameraPos type="vector3d" z="1024" x="0" y="0"/>
<scaleX type="value" value="0.669217242265994"/>
<scaleY type="value" value="0.615848150006081"/>
<shearX type="value" value="-0.606236132474432"/>
<shearY type="value" value="0"/>
<keepAspectRatio type="value" value="0"/>
<flattenedPerspectiveTransform m12="0" m23="0" type="transform" m11="1" m33="1" m22="1" m32="0" m13="0" m21="0" m31="0"/>
<filterId type="value" value="Bilinear"/>
Guides, grids, assistants and other data
Outside of layers and their composition, Krita also stores a number of other things inside a kra file.
......@@ -360,6 +415,24 @@ Only exist inside the maindoc.xml.
<subdivision value="2" type="value"/>
Mirror Axes
<mirrorHorizontal value="1" type="value"/>
<mirrorVertical value="0" type="value"/>
<lockHorizontal value="0" type="value"/>
<lockVertical value="0" type="value"/>
<hideHorizontalDecoration value="0" type="value"/>
<hideVerticalDecoration value="0" type="value"/>
<handleSize value="32" type="value"/>
<horizontalHandlePosition value="107" type="value"/>
<verticalHandlePosition value="64" type="value"/>
<axisPosition y="1754" x="444.102203369141" type="pointf"/>
......@@ -504,15 +577,39 @@ The proofing profile will be stored inside the annotations/proofing folder.
Layer styles, when applied to a layer are referenced via a UUID.
<layer channelflags="" opacity="255" uuid="{f6f4dd3f-8277-405c-84bf-e90c05893706}" x="109" y="127" name="panel1" filename="layer9" collapsed="1" intimeline="0" passthrough="0" nodetype="grouplayer" layerstyle="{6504ac26-78b7-47ea-9f1b-d36528b430df}" compositeop="normal" visible="1" colorlabel="0" locked="0">
The layerstyles themselves will be stored inside the layerstyles.asl file, in the annotations folder.
Projection background:
Reference Images
<layer nodetype="referenceimages">
<referenceimage keepAspectRatio="true" transform="translate(39.1135888501742, 101.695331010453)" saturation="1" opacity="1" src="reference_images/0.png" width="152.542996515679" height="152.542996515679"/>
Reference images, weirdly enough, are not in the document name folder, instead they're top-level in the reference_images folder.
Projection Background
<ProjectionBackgroundColor ColorData="oKu8/w=="/>
The projection background is an 8bit sRGB color encoded in base64. This is the color that is shown between the lowest of the layers and the transparency checkers.
<palette filename="flower_palette_embedded.kpl"/>
The palettes are stored as KPL files as palettes/palete_name.kpl.
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