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......@@ -37,19 +37,40 @@ If you are new to KDE devlopment, make sure to read
Getting started
#. Install some tools with your distro's package manager:
* Arch/Antergos/Manjaro: ``sudo pacman -S git python-sphinx python-sphinx_rtd_theme``
* Debian/Ubuntu/Kubuntu/KDE Neon: ``sudo apt install git build-essential python3-sphinx python3-sphinx-rtd-theme``
* openSUSE: ``sudo zypper in git python3-Sphinx python3-sphinx_rtd_theme``
#. Clone HIG repositories into an empty folder
``git clone``
.. code-block:: sh
git clone
cd hig-kde-org
#. Install some tools with `pythons package manager pip
either globally
.. code-block:: sh
sudo pip -r requirements.txt
or in your home directory
.. code-block:: sh
sudo pip -r requirements.txt --user
If you install it in you home directory, make sure you have the
installed packages in your path, by adding it to your .profile
.. code-block:: sh
echo "PATH=~/.local/lib:\$PATH" >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile
Now you are ready to contribute to the HIG! To preview changes on your local
machine, do the following:
#. ``cd`` to your git checkout of the HIG repository
#. Run ``make html`` to create the HTML pages
#. Open ``build/html/index.html`` in your browser (e.g. run
``firefox build/html/index.html``)
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