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Commit bec33114 authored by Fabian Riethmayer's avatar Fabian Riethmayer

Merge branch 'collapsible' into 'master'

Added section about collapsible Global Drawer

See merge request websites/hig-kde-org!12
parents 0cf7060f c9c5615d
......@@ -78,6 +78,23 @@ The main menu
Do not use the Menu Drawer for navigation purposes.
|desktopicon| Collapsible
On the desktop, if the elements in the Global Drawer need to be accessed more
often and enough space is available, the Global Drawer can default to showing a
collapsed state, where the labels disappear but all actions continue to be
available via icons-only ToolButtons. Pressing the hamburger menu button
expands the Global Drawer to its full width and shows the actions' text
labels. Pressing the close button or anywhere outside of it collapses it to its
collapsed icons-only state.
.. raw:: html
<video src=""
loop="true" playsinline="true" width="640" controls="true"
onended="" class="border"></video>
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