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    Change the tree view mode in JuK to create and delete playlists as needed to · 0fdc1c20
    Michael Pyne authored
    keep in sync with your music collection.  What this means is that if you
    should remove a song, or edit a tag such that one of the tree view categories
    is empty, the category will automatically delete itself.  Also, adding tracks
    or editing a new tag will automatically create the appropriate entry, even if
    you've already expanded the tree view out.
    This fixes a couple of bugs, and although the patch is rather large, it has been
    reviewed by Scott <wheeler@kde.org>, with some of his suggestions implemented.
    Of course, I would appreciate testing, I've been running it here for quite a few days.
    No strings were harmed during the making of this patch. :-)
    svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=332224
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