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    Port sort function for list of playlists to KF5. · 468a5169
    Michael Pyne authored
    Now that sorting is enabled, it turned out that the sort really was
    broken for everybody (sorry!). The old Qt 3 and 4 "sort by subclassing
    the list item" feature wasn't actually ported into the Qt 5
    compatibilility list view. So although we were defining the compare
    function, nothing was actually using it.
    Things seemed to work fine on my local system but I suspect that's
    because I had playlists from KDE 4 times that I copied over which would
    have already sorted the special playlists to the beginning.
    Since the old method doesn't work I've just added a hidden sort key
    column for now. The "proper solution" is probably to use a
    QSortFilterProxyModel but that will be some time away.
    CHANGELOG:Restore proper sorting of the list of playlists.
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