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Commit 6321f406 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

Fix JuK icon names.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=758773
parent 0f52cbd1
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ public:
DynamicPlaylist(const PlaylistList &lists,
PlaylistCollection *collection,
const QString &name = QString(),
const QString &iconName = "midi",
const QString &iconName = "audio-midi",
bool setupPlaylist = true,
bool synchronizePlaying = false);
......@@ -410,7 +410,7 @@ Playlist::Playlist(PlaylistCollection *collection, bool delaySetup) :
collection->setupPlaylist(this, "midi");
collection->setupPlaylist(this, "audio-midi");
......@@ -1287,7 +1287,7 @@ void Playlist::read(QDataStream &s)
m_blockDataChanged = false;
m_collection->setupPlaylist(this, "midi");
m_collection->setupPlaylist(this, "audio-midi");
void Playlist::viewportPaintEvent(QPaintEvent *pe)
......@@ -54,11 +54,11 @@ class Playlist : public K3ListView, public PlaylistInterface
explicit Playlist(PlaylistCollection *collection, const QString &name = QString(),
const QString &iconName = "midi");
const QString &iconName = "audio-midi");
Playlist(PlaylistCollection *collection, const PlaylistItemList &items,
const QString &name = QString(), const QString &iconName = "midi");
const QString &name = QString(), const QString &iconName = "audio-midi");
Playlist(PlaylistCollection *collection, const QFileInfo &playlistFile,
const QString &iconName = "midi");
const QString &iconName = "audio-midi");
* This constructor should generally only be used either by the cache
......@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ void TreeViewMode::addItems(const QStringList &items, unsigned column)
PlaylistSearch s(playlists, components, PlaylistSearch::MatchAny, false);
TreeViewItemPlaylist *p = new TreeViewItemPlaylist(playlistBox(), s, item);
playlistBox()->setupPlaylist(p, "midi", itemParent);
playlistBox()->setupPlaylist(p, "audio-midi", itemParent);
m_treeViewItems.insert(itemKey, p);
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