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Commit 86220b9a authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne

Correctly add renamer categories in l10n'ed KDE desktops.

Giorgos Kylafas noticed an issue with adding categories to the JuK file
renamer, where adding categories didn't work in desktops with a non en_US
language in use due to a mistake made comparing a translated string against its
untranslated base.

The proposed fix forced the comparison to be of two translated strings, but the
intent was to compare the untranslated category codes (which I can more easily
guarantee to be unique).

I will backport to 4.6.3, and also CC a related bug in case any of the
interested parties were still having this issue.


svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=1228555
parent def93297
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
begin : Thu Oct 28 2004
copyright : (C) 2004, 2007, 2009 by Michael Pyne
: (c) 2003 Frerich Raabe <>
email :
email :
......@@ -778,8 +778,8 @@ void FileRenamerWidget::toggleExampleDialog()
void FileRenamerWidget::insertCategory()
TagType category = TagRenamerOptions::tagFromCategoryText(m_ui->m_category->currentText());
if(category == Unknown) {
TagType category = static_cast<TagType>(m_ui->m_category->currentIndex());
if(m_ui->m_category->currentIndex() < 0 || category >= NumTypes) {
kError() << "Trying to add unknown category somehow.\n";
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