Commit d0f618a5 authored by Stephan Kulow's avatar Stephan Kulow

more script porting

svn path=/branches/work/kconfiggroup_port/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=634896
parent 879e7bb7
......@@ -1021,8 +1021,8 @@ void FileRenamer::setFolderIcon(const KUrl &dst, const PlaylistItem *item)
QPixmap thumb = item->file().coverInfo()->pixmap(CoverInfo::Thumbnail); + "/.juk-thumbnail.png", "PNG");
KConfig config(path + "/.directory", KConfig::OnlyLocal);
config.setGroup("Desktop Entry");
KConfig _config( path + "/.directory", KConfig::OnlyLocal );
KConfigGroup config(&_config, "Desktop Entry");
if(!config.hasKey("Icon")) {
config.writeEntry("Icon", QString("%1/.juk-thumbnail.png").arg(path));
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