Commit d2dcd686 authored by Michael Pyne's avatar Michael Pyne
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play-queue: Remove an unneeded processEvents.

The effect is simulated by using deleteLater(). I have been unable to
reproduce any crash this way so hopefully whatever is mentioned in the
old comment does not apply to this new code.
parent c18c3d58
......@@ -614,13 +614,13 @@ void PlaylistCollection::setUpcomingPlaylistEnabled(bool enable)
else {
bool raiseCollection = visiblePlaylist() == m_upcomingPlaylist;
delete m_upcomingPlaylist;
m_upcomingPlaylist = 0;
if(raiseCollection) {
kapp->processEvents(); // Seems to stop a crash, weird.
m_upcomingPlaylist = 0;
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