Commit de9471e2 authored by Teemu Rytilahti's avatar Teemu Rytilahti
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replace juk_dock icon for systemtray with juk icon, hope this is okay.

svn path=/trunk/KDE/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=737959
parent c6b86c96
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ SystemTray::SystemTray(QWidget *parent) : KSystemTrayIcon(parent),
// This should be initialized to the number of labels that are used.
m_labels.fill(0, 3);
m_appPix = loadIcon("juk_dock");
m_appPix = loadIcon("juk");
m_playPix = createPixmap("media-playback-start");
m_pausePix = createPixmap("media-playback-pause");
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