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      Fairly large overhaul of the JuK codebase to beat out a lot of the Qt 3 stuff. · 2c297413
      Michael Pyne authored
      Still a lot of Qt 3 code to go but at this point Q3ValueList, Q3Vector, Q3PtrDict and
      Q3Dict should all be gone.
      In addition many loops have been foreach()'ed, which really does make it more readable.
      There is a crash fix as well, now the polish() function in Playlist has been replaced
      with an initialization slot which is singleShot'ed since the timing of the polish event
      is apparently different than it was in Qt 3, which was making new Playlists crash when
      they were first shown.
      Also I went through almost every header and pared it down to the minimum reasonably
      achievable, which required some additional headers in a few .cpp files but overall
      compilation time should be down and you won't have to rebuild all of JuK just because
      a header file got touched.
      I haven't seen any regressions yet but then again I still can't play music either.
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      Implement wish 88099 (Automatically set folder icon for album when using the · 72deb2db
      Michael Pyne authored
      File Renamer).
      This feature could probably use some more testing, and it doesn't really work
      too well when the Album name is the same as the Artist name if the Artist and
      Album directories are separate (e.g. /.../Artist/Album/ wouldn't work.)
      Now my JuK tree is finally identical to that in /trunk. :)
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      A couple of nitpicks: initialize the variables even though we'll just write · f0d7ce69
      Scott Wheeler authored
      over them shortly and use C++ style enum declarations.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=359717
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      Readd the confirmation dialog. There's still some broken stuff in here, but · f8d0cecc
      Scott Wheeler authored
      it's easier to debug when it prompts you about renaming rather than trying to
      guess where the file went.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=359672
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      CVS_SILENT indent the API docs as is standard KDE / doxygen style · 68c9716f
      Scott Wheeler authored
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      s/directory/folder/g · 95b7998d
      Scott Wheeler authored
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      GUI: Overhaul the file renamer configuration dialog based on a design of... · d9223918
      Michael Pyne authored
      GUI: Overhaul the file renamer configuration dialog based on a design of Scott's.  This involved a lot more code than I thought at first, but it should be pretty neat.
      This also should fix wish 64849 (Add genre to file renamer) and wish 63912.
      In essence this creates a dialog that has a row with each possible category, and arrows allowing you to move that category up and down.
      * In the options for the category, you can control leading and trailing text, and what happens if the tag is empty.
      * You can set a minimum width for the track (bug 63912).
      * The dialog includes a sample result, and you can either edit the sample tag values manually, or load tags from a file to see what it would look like.
      * Right now the file renamer code automatically suppresses separators between tag values that use bracketing characters, since I feel that stuff like Artist - Title - [Track] looks dumb, but that may be changed/removed later.
      Suggestions are accepted: michael (dot) pyne (at) kdemail (dot) net.
      svn path=/trunk/kdemultimedia/juk/; revision=359516
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