Commit 09eaf6a3 authored by Andreas Cord-Landwehr's avatar Andreas Cord-Landwehr
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Merge branch 'KDE/4.13'

parents 4f0cb2ab 347812a9
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ GenericName[fi]=Artikulate ääntämisen harjoitteluohjelma
GenericName[fr]=Programme Artikulate d'entraînement à la prononciation
GenericName[gl]=Entrenador de pronuncia Artikulate
GenericName[hu]=Artikulate kiejtés oktató
GenericName[it]=Allenatore di pronuncia Artikulate
GenericName[ko]=Artikulate 발음 타이머
GenericName[mr]=आर्टिक्युलेट उच्चारण प्रशिक्षक
GenericName[nds]=Artikulate - Utspraak öven
......@@ -107,6 +107,11 @@ MainWindow::MainWindow()
// settings from kcfg values
// create training profile if none exists:
if (!m_profileManager->activeProfile()) {
m_profileManager->addProfile("Unnamed Identity"); //TODO use i18n for 4.14
// set initial view
m_view->rootObject()->setProperty("viewMode", Trainer);
......@@ -235,6 +240,13 @@ void MainWindow::downloadNewStuff()
//update available courses
if (!m_profileManager->activeProfile()) {
kWarning() << "Not registering course language for favorite languages:"
<< " no active learner profile set";
delete dialog;
// add languages of new courses to favorite languages
foreach (const KNS3::Entry &entry, dialog->changedEntries()) {
foreach (const QString &path, entry.installedFiles()) {
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