Commit 6f21ec48 authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano
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i18n: fix message extraction

Extract messages from all the directories, including liblearnerprofile
(which has messages too).

This brings 2 new messages to artikulate.pot.
parent 87cd7903
#! /bin/sh
$EXTRACTRC `find src -name '*.rc'` >> rc.cpp
$EXTRACTRC `find src/ui -name *.ui` >> rc.cpp
$EXTRACTRC `find src -name '*.kcfg'` >> rc.cpp
$EXTRACTRC `find . -name '*.rc'` >> rc.cpp
$EXTRACTRC `find . -name *.ui` >> rc.cpp
$EXTRACTRC `find . -name '*.kcfg'` >> rc.cpp
$EXTRACTRC --context="Language Title" --tag-group=none --tag=i18nTitle `find data/languages/ -name '*.xml'` >> rc.cpp
$XGETTEXT rc.cpp `find src/ -name \*.qml -or -name \*.cpp` -o $podir/artikulate.pot
$XGETTEXT rc.cpp `find . -name \*.qml -or -name \*.cpp` -o $podir/artikulate.pot
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