Commit ebf723e5 authored by Luigi Toscano's avatar Luigi Toscano
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Fix the desktop file (Exec key)

- convert from -caption (Qt4) to -qwindowtitle (Qt5);
- restore the icon parameter as it was (Wayland gets it from the
  already set Icon property).
parent a307f6e5
# KDE Config File # KDE Config File
[Desktop Entry] [Desktop Entry]
Type=Application Type=Application
Exec=artikulate -caption %c -qwindowicon artikulate Exec=artikulate -qwindowtitle "%c" %i
Icon=artikulate Icon=artikulate
X-DocPath=artikulate/index.html X-DocPath=artikulate/index.html
GenericName=Artikulate Pronunciation Trainer GenericName=Artikulate Pronunciation Trainer
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