Commit fc41587e authored by Laurent Montel's avatar Laurent Montel 😁
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Remove unimplemented methods/signals

parent 9f1fa20c
......@@ -37,7 +37,6 @@ public:
void play(const QUrl &filePath);
OutputDeviceController::State state() const;
void stop();
QString currentSource() const;
void setVolume(int volume);
int volume() const;
......@@ -115,14 +115,6 @@ public:
std::shared_ptr<EditableCourseResource> addCourse(const QUrl &courseFile);
* Adds course to resource manager. If the course's language is not registered, the language
* is registered by this method.
* \param resource the course resource to add to resource manager
std::shared_ptr<EditableCourseResource> addCourseResource(std::unique_ptr<EditableCourseResource> resource);
* Remove course from resource manager. If the course is modified its changes are NOT
* written. For writing changes, the Course::sync() method must be called directly.
......@@ -158,8 +150,6 @@ public:
void languageResourceAdded();
void languageResourceAboutToBeAdded(std::shared_ptr<ILanguage>, int);
void languageResourceRemoved();
void languageResourceAboutToBeRemoved(int);
void repositoryChanged();
void skeletonAdded();
void skeletonAboutToBeAdded(ICourse *, int);
......@@ -49,7 +49,6 @@ Q_SIGNALS:
void idChanged();
void titleChanged();
void descriptionChanged();
void phonemeAdded(const Phoneme &);
......@@ -37,9 +37,6 @@ public Q_SLOTS:
void save();
void quit();
void modeChanged(bool);
ContributorRepository *m_repository;
EditorSession *m_editorSession;
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