Commit 0834c093 authored by Alexander Semke's avatar Alexander Semke
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Fixed the build failure caused by the previous merge commit.

parent d6a2d5bd
......@@ -337,6 +337,11 @@ void CommandEntry::populateMenu(QMenu* menu, QPointF pos)
QAction* action = new QAction(QIcon::fromTheme(QLatin1String("help-hint")), i18n("Show Help"));
connect(action, &QAction::triggered, this, &CommandEntry::showHelp);
QAction* enabledAction = new QAction(QIcon::fromTheme(QLatin1String("checkmark")), i18n("Enabled"));
......@@ -164,6 +164,7 @@ class CommandEntry : public WorksheetEntry
void updateCompletions();
void completeCommandTo(const QString& completion, CommandEntry::CompletionMode mode = PreliminaryCompletion);
void changeResultCollapsingAction();
void showHelp();
void toggleEnabled();
void backgroundColorChanged(QAction*);
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