Commit 1a358899 authored by Filipe Saraiva's avatar Filipe Saraiva
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Import Sage LaTeX macros when the output

is a LaTeX rendered text.

BUG: 312738
FIXED-IN: 16.08
parent adc675d8
......@@ -243,8 +243,27 @@ void SageExpression::onProcessError(const QString& msg)
QString SageExpression::additionalLatexHeaders()
//The LaTeX sage provides needs the amsmath package. So include it in the header
return QLatin1String("\\usepackage{amsmath}\n");
//The LaTeX sage needs the amsmath package and some specific macros.
//So include them in the header.
//More about the macros requirement in bug #312738
return QLatin1String("\\usepackage{amsmath}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\ZZ}{\\Bold{Z}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\NN}{\\Bold{N}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\RR}{\\Bold{R}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\CC}{\\Bold{C}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\QQ}{\\Bold{Q}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\QQbar}{\\overline{\\QQ}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\GF}[1]{\\Bold{F}_{#1}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\Zp}[1]{\\ZZ_{#1}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\Qp}[1]{\\QQ_{#1}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\Zmod}[1]{\\ZZ/#1\\ZZ}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\CDF}{\\Bold{C}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\CIF}{\\Bold{C}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\CLF}{\\Bold{C}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\RDF}{\\Bold{R}}\n" \
"\\newcommand{\\RIF}{\\Bold{I} \\Bold{R}}\n"\
"\\newcommand{\\RLF}{\\Bold{R}}\n" \
#include "sageexpression.moc"
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