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Allow to add all image formats supported by QImageReader in MarkdownEntry.

Also, save the last used directory and use it next time an image is added.
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......@@ -765,21 +765,42 @@ void MarkdownEntry::markUpMath()
void MarkdownEntry::insertImage()
const QString& filename = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(worksheet()->worksheetView(), i18n("Choose Image"), QString(), i18n("Images (*.png *.bmp *.jpg *.svg)"));
KConfigGroup conf(KSharedConfig::openConfig(), "MarkdownEntry");
QString dir = conf.readEntry("LastImageDir", "");
if (!filename.isEmpty())
QImageReader reader(filename);
const QImage img =;
if (!img.isNull())
const QString& name = QFileInfo(filename).fileName();
QString formats;
for (const QByteArray& format : QImageReader::supportedImageFormats()) {
QString f = QLatin1String("*.") + QLatin1String(format.constData());
formats.isEmpty() ? formats += f : formats += QLatin1Char(' ') + f;
addImageAttachment(name, img);
KMessageBox::error(worksheetView(), i18n("Cantor failed to read image with error \"%1\"", reader.errorString()), i18n("Cantor"));
const QString& path = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(worksheet()->worksheetView(),
i18n("Open image file"),
i18n("Images (%1)",
if (path.isEmpty())
return; //cancel was clicked in the file-dialog
//save the last used directory, if changed
const int pos = path.lastIndexOf(QLatin1String("/"));
if (pos != -1) {
const QString& newDir = path.left(pos);
if (newDir != dir)
conf.writeEntry(QLatin1String("LastImageDir"), newDir);
QImageReader reader(path);
const QImage& img =;
if (!img.isNull())
const QString& name = QFileInfo(path).fileName();
addImageAttachment(name, img);
i18n("Failed to read the image \"%1\". Error \"%2\"", path, reader.errorString()),
void MarkdownEntry::clearAttachments()
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