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# Changelog
## 22.08
### New features
* Added zooming related actions (zoom in, zoom out, zoom original) to the context menu of the worksheet
* Smooth zoom in the worksheet view with the mouse wheel
* Show the information about the available internal help system in Maxima and in R in the help panel
### Bug fixes:
* Enable highdpi pixmaps, fixes icon rendering on highdpi screens
* Open URLs in the "Select Backend"-dialog in the external browser, BUG: 456650
* When saving the results, use the file extension and not the mime-type in the QFileDialog to show the relevant files only
* [maxima] properly embedd the results of the commands from the draw package (draw, draw2d and draw3d)
* [maxima] properly parse plot and draw commands with line breaks
* [maxima] remove the obsolete quotes in string variable values and properly handle quoted sub-strings in string variables
* [R] Remove backspaces in the help output in R
## The information for the releases 20.12 - 22.04 was not maintained.
## 20.08
### New features
Supports Markdown
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