Commit 7c7a3110 authored by Alexander Semke's avatar Alexander Semke
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Fixed a couple of issues reported by cppcheck.

parent d300c2fc
......@@ -339,8 +339,6 @@ CantorPart::CantorPart( QWidget *parentWidget, QObject *parent, const QVariantLi
connect(removeCurrent, &QAction::triggered, m_worksheet, &Worksheet::removeCurrentEntry);
Cantor::Backend* const backend = Cantor::Backend::getBackend(backendName);
// Disabled, because uploading to kde store from program don't work
// See for details
// If this situation will changed, then uncomment this action
......@@ -750,6 +748,7 @@ void CantorPart::showBackendHelp()
auto* job = new KIO::OpenUrlJob(backend->helpUrl());
job->setUiDelegate(new KIO::JobUiDelegate(KJobUiDelegate::AutoHandlingEnabled, widget()));
delete job;
Worksheet* CantorPart::worksheet()
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ class LatexEntry : public WorksheetEntry
QJsonValue toJupyterJson() override;
QString toPlain(const QString& commandSep, const QString& commentStartingSeq, const QString& commentEndingSeq) override;
void layOutForWidth(qreal w, qreal entry_zone_x, bool force = false) override;
void layOutForWidth(qreal entry_zone_x, qreal w, bool force = false) override;
int searchText(const QString& text, const QString& pattern,
QTextDocument::FindFlags qt_flags);
......@@ -1654,7 +1654,7 @@ bool Worksheet::loadJupyterNotebook(const QJsonDocument& doc)
qDebug() << "loading jupyter entries";
WorksheetEntry* entry = nullptr;
for (QJsonArray::const_iterator iter = cells.begin(); iter != cells.end(); iter++) {
for (QJsonArray::const_iterator iter = cells.begin(); iter != cells.end(); ++iter) {
if (!Cantor::JupyterUtils::isJupyterCell(*iter))
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