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Cleanup in cantor.knsrc.

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[KNewStuff3] [KNewStuff3]
ProvidersUrl= ProvidersUrl=
Categories=Cantor (Maxima),Cantor (Sage),Cantor (KAlgebra),Cantor (Qalculate),Cantor (Python 2),Cantor (Python 3),Cantor (Scilab),Cantor (Octave),Cantor (R),Cantor (Lua) Categories=Cantor (Maxima),Cantor (Sage),Cantor (KAlgebra),Cantor (Qalculate),Cantor (Python),Cantor (Scilab),Cantor (Octave),Cantor (R),Cantor (Lua),Cantor (Julia)
UploadCategories=Cantor (Maxima),Cantor (Sage),Cantor (KAlgebra),Cantor (Qalculate),Cantor (Python 2),Cantor (Python 3),Cantor (Scilab),Cantor (Octave),Cantor (R),Cantor (Lua)
TargetDir=cantor/examples TargetDir=cantor/examples
Uncompress=never Uncompress=never
CustomName=true CustomName=true
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