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Fix compilation error "qobject.h:300:9: error: static assertion failed: Signal...

Fix compilation error "qobject.h:300:9: error: static assertion failed: Signal and slot arguments are not compatible."
parent 7ec988d1
......@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ void WorksheetTextItem::populateMenu(QMenu *menu, const QPointF& pos)
QKeyEvent* WorksheetTextItem::eventForStandardAction(KStandardAction::StandardAction actionID)
// there must be a better way to get the shortcut...
QAction * action = KStandardAction::create(actionID, this, 0, this);
QAction * action = KStandardAction::create(actionID, this, SLOT(copy()), this);
QKeySequence keySeq = action->shortcut();
// we do not support key sequences with multiple keys here
int code = keySeq[0];
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