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Properly replace the substring in documentationpanelwidget.cpp when determining the qhc file name.

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......@@ -306,12 +306,13 @@ void DocumentationPanelWidget::updateDocumentation()
if (index < m_docPaths.size())
m_currentQchFileName =;
const QString& qhcFileName = m_currentQchFileName.replace(QLatin1String("qch"), QLatin1String("qhc"));
QString qhcFileName = m_currentQchFileName;
qhcFileName.replace(QLatin1String("qch"), QLatin1String("qhc"));
m_engine = new QHelpEngine(qhcFileName, this);
qWarning() << "Couldn't setup QtHelp Engine: " << m_engine->error();*/
if(m_backend != QLatin1String("octave"))
// if(m_backend != QLatin1String("octave"))
m_engine->setProperty("_q_readonly", QVariant::fromValue<bool>(true));
//index widget
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