Commit addc032c authored by Alexander Rieder's avatar Alexander Rieder
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fix latex output with Sage 5.4

in newer Sage versions the latex output is encapsulated diffrently. Adapt the
backend to those changes.

BUG: 310513
parent 9ee77ea6
......@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ void SageExpression::evalFinished()
QString stripped=m_outputCache;
const bool isHtml=stripped.contains(QLatin1String("<html>"));
const bool isLatex=m_outputCache.contains("class=\"math\""); //Check if it's latex stuff
const bool isLatex=m_outputCache.contains("class=\"math\"")||m_outputCache.contains("type=\"math/tex\""); //Check if it's latex stuff
if(isLatex) //It's latex stuff so encapsulate it into an eqnarray environment
stripped.replace("<html>", "\\begin{eqnarray*}");
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