Commit bf451879 authored by Shubham  .'s avatar Shubham .
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Create Python script to parse indices from index.hhk

parent 2b365bb9
# script to parse index.hhk and generate .xml file
fp = open('./index.hhk', 'r')
fp2 = open('./output.txt', 'w')
for li in fp:
if li.startswith('<li>'):
line2 =
line3 =
if not line2:
ln2_lastindex = line2.rindex('"')
ln3_lastindex = line3.rindex('"')
name = line3[29:ln3_lastindex]
ref = line2[30:ln2_lastindex]
fp2.write('<keyword name = "{}" ref = "{}"/>\n'.format(name, ref))
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