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New features:
# Changelog
## 19.12
### New features
* Add ability to change entry type via context menu
## 19.08
### Screenshots
New features:
### New features
* Instead of showing only available and workable backends, Cantor shows all available backends and for non workable shows reason, why this backend doesn't work.
* Allow to set the path to custom Julia installations. However, Cantor will work with versions only it was compiled for.
* For Markdown and LaTeX entries allow to switch via double click from the rendered result to the original code and back via the evaluation of the entry
* Save the results of rendered markdown and LaTeX entries as part of the project. This allows to see the results also on with no support for markdown and latex rendering
* Hide "Help" panel on startup. Automatically show this panel when user executes a command entry with a help expression
* Add "Recent Files" submenu (
Important bug fixes:
### Important bug fixes
* [R] Fix bug with expression only from comment - now Cantor R backend don't freeze on 'Computing' after running the expression
* Save error status and message of Command Entry into .cws (Cantor Worksheet file) - Cantor have lost them on saving before
* Reset Command Entry numeration after Backend restart
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* Fix unworking 'Show LaTeX Code' action in Latex Entry context menu
* Fix problem with an incorrect window title after closing all tabs
## 19.04
### New Features
New Features:
* Possibility to hide and show results of command entry via context menu
* [Maxima, Octave, Python, R] Add a way to specify the path to the local documentation in the settings. By default, this path didn't specified and Cantor uses online documentation.
* Huge improvment of variables managment: better parsing, option to turn on and turn off variable managment, better GUI performance by limitation of value size (too big for showing values replaced by "<too big variable>" text
Important bug fixes:
### Important bug fixes
* [Sage] Fix execuation for unsystem Sage installation
* [Julia] Fix bug, that suppressing output don't work
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