Commit fb5d6d79 authored by Filipe Saraiva's avatar Filipe Saraiva
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Fix the creation of temporary folders in R backend

parent 70026984
......@@ -89,8 +89,8 @@ RServer::RServer() : m_isInitialized(false),m_isCompletionAvailable(false)
QDir dir;
dir.mkdir(QDir::tempPath() + QString::fromLatin1("cantor/rserver-%1").arg(getpid()));
m_tmpDir=QDir::tempPath() + QString::fromLatin1("cantor/rserver-%1").arg(getpid());
dir.mkdir(QDir::tempPath() + QString::fromLatin1("/cantor/rserver-%1").arg(getpid()));
m_tmpDir=QDir::tempPath() + QString::fromLatin1("/cantor/rserver-%1").arg(getpid());
qDebug()<<"storing plots at "<<m_tmpDir;
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