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[Julia] Improve graphicPackageErrorMessage for GR

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......@@ -325,11 +325,10 @@ QString JuliaSession::graphicPackageErrorMessage(QString packageId) const
if (packageId == QLatin1String("gr")) {
return i18n(
"On this moment, integrated graphic can handle only one of Julia packages - GR graphic package. "
"And for using this feature you need to install the package first. "
"For this, run Pkg.install(\"GR\") in Cantor or in julia REPL. Also, it is important "
"to note, that this is a long operation and better use julia REPL, because Cantor doesn't "
"show intermediate text unlike the julia."
"For Julia only GR (, a framework for visualization applications, is supported at the moment. "
"This package has to be installed first, if not done yet. "
"For this, run Pkg.install(\"GR\") in Cantor or in Julia REPL. "
"Note, this operation can take some time and it's better to perform it in Julia REPL that is able to show the current progress of the package installation."
return text;
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